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How to keep on top of a vessel fleet with IBM | BPM without data loss



We've been working with a customer on an IBM BPM in Customs application to handle all the requirements and deadlines that a particular import/export process needs to take into account to avoid expensive government fines. This post talks about our approach to make an efficient solution for the Customs industry.

Our customer had clear requirements that would need to be covered by our BPM for Customs application implementation:

A desktop and mobile application that could handle the complexities of customs operations and import/export transactions, easy to use for untrained staff and flexible to adapt to new rules over time.
• Could provide “On-the-job” training.
• Rigorous control of embarking phases with alarms and notifications to supervisors in real-time.
• Access to all the paper and digital trail of documents and communications for every operation
• Ability to do analytics over finished transactions with archival access.

IBM BPM and DataCap solution infrastructure for the Customs and Logistics industry

Our solution approach was:
• Responsive design UI
• BPM “Hybrid” Application, with support for Case AND Process
• Ability to create/edit business rules (BAL)
• Access to process documentation in desktop UI
• Alarm monitoring with escalations
• Capture of documents with IBM DataCap using content recognition integrated into BPM via API.
• Integrated Box ECM inside the solution, accessible outside the application.
• Delivery of pipeline data to DB2 for real-time analysis using Watson Analytics

If you want to learn more about our IBM BPM for Customs and logistics application and IBM BPM infrastructure, our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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