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Compliance Roadmap for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials Audits

Navigate the compliance landscape with ease using ne Digital's Compliance Road mapping Service. Tailored for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials, our expert-crafted, step-by-step roadmap aligns with your business goals and IT needs.

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We deliver a clear, actionable plan to achieve initial compliance to maintain and adapt to changing standards, setting your organization up for enduring success in the digital world.

ne Digital Compliance Roadmap Service

We set an actionable path from the current state to audit-ready, supported by our Assessment and Compliance Managed Services capabilities.

Why Compliance Roadmap Services for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials?

Compliance has become more than a mere checkbox exercise; it's crucial to a business's credibility, security, and overall success. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, data breaches, and stringent regulatory requirements, aligning with established compliance standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials is not just recommended but essential.

SOC 2: This standard, specific to service organizations, focuses on managing customer data.
The AICPA (the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) defines this standard, offering two accreditation options or types of SOC: SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 (or SOC 2 Type I and SOC 2 Type II).
Compliance with SOC 2 ensures that a company's information security measures align with the unique parameters of today's cloud requirements. It's particularly vital for technology and cloud computing firms that handle customer data.

ISO 27001: This international standard is all about information security management. It provides a framework for companies to manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details, or information entrusted by third parties. For businesses operating globally, ISO 27001 compliance isn't just about securing information; it's a testament to their commitment to data security and trust.

UK Cyber Essentials: This UK government-backed scheme is designed to help organizations protect themselves against common online threats. Compliance with Cyber Essentials is fundamental for UK-based companies, especially those seeking to work with the government, as it demonstrates a proactive stance in protecting against cyber threats.

Compliance with these standards is about more than just adhering to regulatory requirements. It's a strategic move that enhances a company's reputation, builds customer trust, and creates a solid foundation for safe and sustainable business growth in the digital world. By aligning with these standards, businesses and stakeholders protect themselves and gain a competitive edge in an environment where data security and privacy are paramount to customers and partners alike.

Our Compliance Services Portfolio

Compliance DETECT service is a part of our Compliance Service suite. Our end-to-end engagement path of compliance lifecycle comprises three service pillars:


Compliance Assessment DETECT

Do you think you have good security and privacy practices, but would you need to know where you stand? Our consulting team will execute a compliance discovery service that will provide short-term results with a precise standing of your security position and how it measures against our supported frameworks.


Compliance Strategy and Roadmap TRACK

With our Compliance Assessment service, our experienced team of business consultants and certified engineers will help create a customized Control and Test program to shorten your time to “Audit-Ready.”


Compliance Managed Services MANAGE

From “What is MFA?” to SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification. Our Compliance Managed Services will diagnose, grow, and help you establish a sustainable IT service and cyber security program that stands the test of time and passes your expected audit with excellence.

Benefits for our Compliance Roadmap Service


Strategic Alignment with Business Objectives:

For CISOs and IT Directors: Our roadmap service integrates compliance strategies with your business and IT goals. Ensuring compliance initiatives bolster broader organizational objectives is vital for CISOs and IT Directors who must maintain operating effectiveness and security.


Cost Optimization and Budgetary Efficiency:

For CFOs: We optimize your compliance spending for maximum value. Our roadmap identifies efficient compliance paths, aiding CFOs' effective budget management while ensuring regulatory adherence.


Customized Approach to Compliance:

For CISOs and IT Directors: We offer a tailored compliance roadmap for your unique IT infrastructure and security needs. This bespoke approach benefits CISOs and IT Directors seeking solutions for specific challenges and system configurations.


Long-Term Compliance Planning and Adaptability:

For All Decision-Makers: Our service equips you with both immediate and long-term compliance, adapting to evolving standards and regulations. This forward-thinking approach is crucial for staying ahead in the ever-changing compliance landscape.


Proven Track Record:

Our history of satisfied customers in compliance projects is a testament to our commitment and expertise. We have successfully guided numerous businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance and building a trust-based relationship. Please visit our case studies section to learn more.


Remediation and Co-Managed IT Operation Capabilities:

Our remediation expertise and co-managed IT operation services position us as a comprehensive ally in your compliance and IT endeavors. We offer hands-on assistance in remediation and support your IT operations, making our team an integral part of your path to compliance success.

By combining these benefits with our track record, experience, and extended capabilities, ne Digital's Compliance Roadmap Service stands out as the ideal partner for CISOs, CFOs, and IT Directors in navigating the complexities of compliance.

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Compliance Roadmap Service Deliverables

Some of the basic deliverables for each of our Compliance Roadmap engagements are:


Initial Compliance Assessment Report:

A detailed evaluation of your current compliance posture and readiness assessment against standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials. This report identifies existing compliance levels and gaps. In the case of the SOC 2 audit process, the assessment report will contain the defined Trust Services Criteria (TSC) according to the applicability defined.

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Customized Compliance Roadmap:

A step-by-step plan tailored to your organization, outlining the path to achieving and maintaining compliance. It includes timelines, milestones, and specific actions required for each compliance goal. This roadmap should be used to improve or establish data protection for sensitive information, security policies, and access controls. Thus ensuring your security posture aligns with the security standards of your chosen framework.

Risk Analysis and Management Strategy

Risk Analysis and Management Strategy:

An in-depth risk assessment of process vulnerabilities, accompanied by a comprehensive risk mitigation and management strategy in the context of compliance objectives for your information security management system (ISMS).

Policy and Procedure Development Guidance

Policy and Procedure Development Guidance:

Assistance in developing or refining your organization's policies and procedures to meet compliance standards, ensuring they are up-to-date and effective, with updated templates and introduction to our Managed Service.

Implementation Plan for Compliance Measures

Implementation Plan for Compliance Measures:

A practical and actionable plan for implementing the necessary compliance measures, internal controls, and security controls, including technology solutions for the control environment, incident response plan guidance, process changes, and staff training programs.

Regulatory Change Alerts and Adaptation Plans

Regulatory Change Alerts and Adaptation Plans:

Regular updates on changes in compliance standards and regulatory requirements, along with strategies for adapting your compliance roadmap accordingly.

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Our Compliance Roadmap Process

The general outline of our process is composed of five phases:

Discovery Phase

Phase 1: Initial Assessment and Planning

  • Duration: 2-3 weeks

  • Conduct a thorough initial compliance assessment to understand your current posture and gap analysis.
  • Identify compliance requirements specific to your industry and relevant standards (SOC 2, ISO 27001, UK Cyber Essentials). For SOC 2, we can cover Type 1 or Type 2 (Period of time) and all TSCs for SOC 2 (Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Privacy)
  • Define the scope and objectives of the compliance roadmap. Please note the scope of the framework and organizational size directly affects the suggested timing of this process. (E.g., ISO 27001 vs SOC 2)
Evaluation Phase

Phase 2: Risk and Strategy Analysis

  • Duration: 2-4 weeks

  • Perform a detailed gap analysis and risk analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities in the process, organization, and infrastructure.

  • Develop a comprehensive risk management strategy.

  • Create a draft of the compliance roadmap outlining key milestones and actions.

Phase 3: Roadmap Development

Phase 3: Roadmap Development

  • Duration: 2-5 weeks

  • Define the required development or refinement of compliance policies and procedures.

  • Ensure alignment of policies with identified compliance standards and business objectives.

  • Develop an actionable implementation plan for the necessary compliance measures.

  • Plan and organize staff training and awareness programs and streamline efforts with automation and integration into the audit report.

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Phase 4: Review and Finalization

  • Duration: 1-3 weeks

  • Present roadmap final report with strategies, policies, and suggested action for effectiveness and compliance alignment.

  • Finalize the compliance roadmap with detailed timelines and responsibilities to be ready for the SOC audit or selected framework.

  • Provide executive and board-level reporting guidance and communication templates.

Overall Timeline

The total duration for the Compliance Roadmapping process is approximately 7-12 weeks. This timeline can vary based on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the specific compliance requirements involved. Service providers and differences in the service organization control, frameworks selected, and organizational size affect this suggested timeline.

This structured process ensures that we meticulously address every aspect of compliance, providing your organization with a clear, actionable, and adaptable roadmap toward achieving and maintaining compliance standards.

Why ne Digital for Compliance?

Choose ne Digital for your Compliance Roadmap because we blend expertise, strategic insight, and cost-efficiency into a seamless service. Our experienced team deeply understands the nuances of SOC 2, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials, ensuring a roadmap that's compliant and aligned with your specific business goals. We prioritize clear communication and budget-friendly solutions, making complex compliance journeys straightforward and manageable. With ne Digital, you're not just meeting standards; you're strategically integrating compliance into your business fabric, led by a partner who truly understands the importance of balancing security, technology, and finance.

Plus... visit our Case Studies. We've been there and done that!

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Frequently Asked Questions for our Compliance Assessment Service

Q: How do you ensure that the compliance roadmap aligns with our specific business objectives and IT infrastructure?
A: We conduct a thorough initial assessment to understand your unique business objectives and IT landscape. This enables us to tailor the compliance roadmap to your organization's needs, ensuring alignment with your business goals and IT infrastructure.

Q: What is your approach to cost management and budget optimization in the compliance process?
A for CFOs: Our approach is centered on delivering cost-effective compliance solutions. We focus on identifying the most efficient paths to compliance, helping you manage your budgets effectively while ensuring regulatory adherence and avoiding non-compliance costs.

Q: Can you describe your team's expertise and experience in compliance roadmapping?
A for CIOs/CISOs: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in compliance roadmapping across various standards, including SOC 2 Type 2 Report, ISO 27001, and UK Cyber Essentials. They bring a wealth of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance knowledge, ensuring expert guidance throughout your compliance journey.

Q: How do you stay updated with the latest compliance standards and regulatory changes?A: A: We continuously monitor the compliance landscape for changes in standards and regulations. Our team regularly undergoes training and professional development to stay abreast of the latest developments in the certification process, ensuring that your compliance roadmap is always up-to-date and ready for accreditation.

Q: What is your methodology for identifying and addressing compliance gaps?
A for CISOs/CIOs: We use a systematic approach to identify compliance gaps, which includes detailed assessments, risk analysis, and evaluations against current compliance standards. We then provide actionable recommendations and work with your team to develop strategies for effective gap remediation.

Q: How do you integrate compliance roadmapping with existing compliance efforts and IT operations?
A for CIOs/CISOs: We carefully assess your current compliance efforts and IT operations to ensure our roadmap complements and enhances what is already in place. Our goal is to integrate seamlessly, adding value without disrupting ongoing operations.

Q: Can you provide examples of successful compliance roadmaps you've developed for other clients?
A: While maintaining client confidentiality, we can share case studies and examples of successful compliance roadmaps we've developed. These examples highlight our approach, the challenges we've overcome, and the results we've achieved. Please visit our Case Studies section to review some examples of our client base.

Q: What support do you offer once the compliance roadmap is implemented?
A: Post-implementation, we offer ongoing support, monitoring, and advisory services; please visit our Compliance Managed Services section. This service includes regular updates to the roadmap as per new compliance standards and regulatory changes, ensuring continuous compliance monitoring for adherence and optimization. Please consider our Compliance Managed Services, including our industry-leading automation Saas platform with Trust Reporting and attestation report.

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