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ne Digital, now a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work


We're thrilled to announce that ne Digital, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious Solutions Partner designation for proficiency in Modern Work in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. This exclusive recognition signifies our expertise in delivering comprehensive, AI-powered solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the modern workplace.

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The company received a warm congratulatory letter from Microsoft's Chief Partner Officer and Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions, Nicole Dezen, bearing the great news and naming us as one of the first Microsoft partners to attain this designation. Read the letter here!


The Solutions Partner designation demonstrates ne Digital's technical capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver successful customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud.
Our worldwide entities are now able to provide these benefits to clients in the following geographies:

What Makes a Solution Designation Partner so Special?

To qualify for a Solutions Partner designation in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, a partner that seeks eligibility must obtain a very high partner capability score for the solution area or competencies (for example, Modern Work, Microsoft Azure Infrastructure or Security), the partner capability score is composed of:

  • Performance Metric:

    This metric measures the net customer additions a partner has grown under their management during the past 12 months.

  • Skilling Metric:

    This metric validates the valid and updated advanced certifications the partner team members hold.

  • Customer Success Metric:

    This metric demonstrates execution ability by grading the partner on the deployments executed during the period, the usage growth, and the return on investment that a client obtains on their Microsoft solution.

Less than 5% of the current Microsoft Partner Network population holds the new solutions partner designations, assuring our clients the business, implementation, and technical expertise hard to find in our field.

What are the Microsoft Solution Partner Designations?

High customer demand areas in the digital transformation space require focus and experience. The solutions designations convey to existing clients and potential partners that our company has the necessary commercial success, skills, and expertise.

The new designations in Business Applications, Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure, Modern Work, and Security replace the legacy competencies (Gold or Silver Competencies)

What is the Microsoft Solution Designation for Modern Work?

The Solutions Partner designation for Modern Work solution area identifies partners specializing in Microsoft 365 solutions and services to help customers work, learn, organize, connect, and create.

The most important aspects of the designation are:

  • Deployment and modern management services for Windows and Windows 365
  • Implementing, driving adoption of, and managing Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Devices, and Microsoft Teams Rooms to help your customers communicate and collaborate
  • Delivering services and solutions to enable your customers' frontline workers digitally
  • Delivering employee experience services and solutions for Microsoft Viva
  • Creating solutions with application development on the Microsoft 365 platform to meet the specific needs of your customers, such as the Power Apps platform.

How can a Solutions Partner for Modern Work like us help your team and organization?

  • Boost productivity and collaboration: Empower your team to work smarter and achieve more with efficient communication and collaboration tools.
  • Increase agility and innovation: Adapt to changing market demands and unlock new opportunities with the power of AI and cloud computing and business applications.
  • Reduce costs and optimize resources: Streamline your operations and minimize IT overhead with integrated solutions and automated tasks by ensuring the organization obtains the expected product benefits for each solution implemented.
  • Gain a competitive edge: Equip your workforce with the latest technologies and stay ahead of the curve in today's digital landscape.

A solutions partner designation benefits our clients and team members, bringing our company to the forefront of Microsoft innovation and with access to advanced specializations and expert programs that the previous ecosystem was not offering.

What this means for our clients:

  1. Access to Resources: Our clients get access to a range of technical resources, including training materials, support, and documentation, that enhance our ability to deliver Microsoft-based solutions effectively.
  2. Technical Support: Our clients receive priority and direct access to Microsoft's technical support, enabling us to resolve issues more efficiently and providing a better experience for cloud and on-premises implementations.
  3. Training and Certification: We provide access to training programs and certifications that help our client teams stay current with the latest Microsoft technologies. Enhancing their skill set and satisfaction with their Internal IT Roles.
  4. Early Access to Technologies: Our clients gain early access to Microsoft's latest technologies, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and offer their clients cutting-edge solutions.
  5. Business Planning and Support: We offer business planning support to help clients align their business strategies with their cloud and productivity capabilities, steering a mutually beneficial relationship.
  6. Unmatched Expertise: Our team of certified professionals possesses deep knowledge and experience in Microsoft's modern work solutions, ensuring successful implementations and ongoing support.
  7. Enhanced Security and Compliance: We prioritize the security of your data and ensure compliance with industry regulations, giving you peace of mind.
  8. Direct Microsoft CSP Partnership: As a Direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we offer the best pricing and direct access to Microsoft resources, streamlining the procurement and management of your Microsoft solutions.

Talk to our experts in Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Contact ne Digital  today, as a new customer, SMB or enterprise, to learn more about how partnering with a Modern Work Solutions Partner and Azure Expert can help you unlock the full potential of your business. Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services Portfolio will help your internal IT Team deliver faster on the business needs and improve your IT return. We're here to guide you on your digital transformation journey and help you achieve your strategic goals while ensuring your IT budget doesn't spin out of control.

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