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Download available for Online Check-in for Healthcare with IBM | BPM


IBM InterConnect 2017 BPM in Healthcare by ne Digital

Last March our team presented at IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas our view of how to implement an IBM BPM Solution for healthcare admissions process, the file is ready for download.

For those of you interested in IBM BPM mobile healthcare applications, our presentation demonstrates the digital transformation process for a large organization from the needs to benefits and beyond.

Understand our solution approach and gain deeper insight into a production implementation that brings healthcare consumerization. We demonstrate how we reduce patient wait times in the pre-analytical phase and improve the overall patient experience in the Medical Laboratory.

Additionally, we go deeper into implementation details and demonstrate how the solution runs in an instance of our own Hybrid Cloud Express for VMware in IBM Bluemix

Day-to-day Azure management needs to ensure that the infrastructure is agile enough to meet all business needs. For instance, it is common for leaders to follow a reactive approach, resolving issues as and when they arrive. This proves to be counterproductive on a scale and can significantly erode future IT value. With our expertise as a managed services provider, you can offload this burden and instead focus on your core capabilities.
With an industry experience of over 20 years, ne Digital is a go-to Azure Managed IT service partner for organizations in 8 countries.

Download the presentation

Topics: Microsoft 365