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Managed IT Operations For Private Equity Firms

Offload non-critical and repetitive IT operations and focus on your core competencies. Manage IT compliance, system uptime, network security, and more without breaking a sweat!

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Many IT organizations do a decent job of running IT. However, several businesses are plagued by immature processes and do not have essential items setup, such as internal service level agreements (SLAs) for how the business will be serviced.

Why Opt For Managed IT Operations?

IT Operations requires an expert and specialized team that can get your organization ready for all next steps. This is not your core competence and cannot be built overnight!

For instance, you may have recently backed up all your organizational data. But is there any alternative backup to restore it should the primary hardware fail? If not properly managed, such risks can often result in significant business outages. We seek to minimize such risks while understanding budget implications.

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ne Digital Engagement Process


1. Assessment


2. Strategy And


3. Remediation


4. Operation

Our Value Propositions

Microsoft 365 Managed Services
Microsoft 365 Managed Services White

We work with the key business functions to ensure that IT is serving and helping them do their work better, faster, and cheaper.

Private Equity IT Services


Aligning IT with the rest of the business to develop trust, creating a competitive advantage and forwarding a more profitable business.

Private Equity IT Services


Helping CFOs and COOs to make critical decisions by providing useful operational and financial KPIs through strong business intelligence (BI) solutions and analytics.

Private Equity IT Services


Enabling CFOs to mitigate operational risks such that they can avoid news headlines for being the latest victim of ransomware attack or a security breach.

Private Equity IT Services


Providing a sound and credible disaster recovery/business continuity (DRBC) plan that has been tested to the core.

Private Equity IT Services

Our experienced team helps you navigate through these challenges by working closely with the target and acquirer IT and Finance leadership. With expert help, you can pinpoint opportunities that accomplish growth needs while maintaining IT Security.

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Client Success

Industry: Real Estate

Redclay 1910 is a Florida-based corporation that handles investments in real estate and construction projects. It has established a distributed work-force and...

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Industry: Logistics

Turbaduana is one of the leading maritime agencies and operational support enterprises for cargo vessels in North, Central and South America. With commercial...

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Lao Kao is the company behind the WOK brand of restaurants. With over 15 branches, Lao Kao is a leader in Latin America in the space of Asian food restaurants...

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How We Intervene

More often than not, IT and Operations function in silos. This leaves IT off on an “island” without timely improvements made to business functions. We help you get past dysfunctional IT use-cases and mitigate all associated risks.

Create Additional Business Benefits


Reduce operational risk, keeping systems running 24/7 with the right balance of performance and value.


Navigate the myriad of IT options and architectures with ease, striking the perfect balance between budget and quality.


Reduce operational burdens to execute more strategic activities.


Improve the adherence of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Implement and monitor compliance models, even on the cloud.


Maintain better control of data architectures and ownerships.


Gain better visibility into existing IT operations activities.


Deliver superior customer experiences that are backed by reliable operations.

Finally, the documents are presented to the executive leadership team to deliver a birds-eye view of their organization’s IT stance. Directors of IT, CFO’s or other organizational leaders may utilize the spreadsheet to track control-by-control implementation and use it as a working document.

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Get Past Your Reservations

· Is the organization ready to tackle dramatic shifts in day-to-day technologies?

· Which small scale operational issues can possibly escalate into proper bottlenecks?

· How can the high cost of operation downtime be minimized?

· Is the organization ready to embrace new agile technologies and processes?

· How can the influx of data be translated into actionable information?

· Is your IT able to support the speed of your R&D or innovation processes?

Protect Your Firm And Investors From Value Erosion Arising From Poor IT Security

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