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Case Study: IT Integration of Businesses

Industry: Manufacturing

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Company : ClockSpring|NRI

ClockSpring|NRI is a Houston-based provider of high-performance products, engineering support, and training services for the critical infrastructure, construction and repair market. The company manufactures composite materials, insertion valves, and gaskets for transmission pipeline, refinery, petrochemical, water, utility, and civil construction customers in more than 75 countries.

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Challenges Faced

Challenge 1: Four organizations marching towards different infrastructure goals, with process and technology pitfalls of mergers and integration.
Challenge 2: Defensive internal IT teams, individualistic protection of tribal knowledge for job security and teams not sharing information within the enterprise.
Challenge 3: Poor IT management and communication regarding upgrades of ERP and CRM systems.

Solution Provided

The process began with our experts at ne Digital learning about the various systems available in each company. There were two dominant platforms to evaluate. ClockSpring had been a visionary in embracing the cloud for most of its systems. NRI had a very robust ERP system but it was an on-premise system. We worked with the management to agree to move the NRI robust on-premise system to the cloud that would further provide easy scalability. This was then implemented at ClockSpring with great success. With the MIS business not having systems due to it being a carve-out, it was a logical decision to migrate that business data into the now global ERP. The AVT transition to this platform was next, allowing the entire company to have a single source of truth, one database and one set of processes to execute. Similar integrations were accomplished with the cloud-based CRM platform, email, and phone systems.

Service Stack Deployed

  • IT Integrations for M&A
  • IT Service Management & Operations Assessment: IT Lighthouse DETECT
  • IT Service Management & Operations Roadmap: IT Lighthouse TRACK: ERP Selection Advice + ERP Upgrade + ERP Implementation
  • Microsoft 365 Managed Services: Consolidation of Office 365 tenants, One Drive Migration, On-premise File Sharing to SharePoint Online Migration
  • CIO Advisory

Benefits Delivered

  • Four originally independent businesses (three stand-alone + one carve-out) were brought under one set of software systems, infrastructure configurations, and collaboration tools.
  • One of the original ERP systems was upgraded and migrated to the cloud from an on-premise version to further flexibility and scalability.
  • Global deployment of ITIL tools, consolidation to one email tenant and proliferation of a single CRM platform across all business units.

Success Data


Single ERP instances across four business entities


Zero delay in book closing after ERP unification


Reduction of IT OpEx with budget rationalization and elimination of duplicated infrastructure


Microsoft 365 tenant across six different businesses in four continents.

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