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Case Study: IT Infrastructure and Operations Overhaul

Industry: Retail

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Company : PaperSource

PaperSource, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a is a premier paperie, stationery and gift retailer that offers papers, custom invitations and announcements, gifts, greeting cards, gift wrap, paper craft kits, party supplies, and personalized stationery and stamps. The company has grown from a single store in Chicago to over 120 stores across the United States.

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Challenges Faced

Challenge 1: Rapid growth made systems that performed a few years ago ineffective, unable to scale, and obsolete.
Challenge 2: Poor IT Operations Management had caused the business to not trust IT.
Challenge 3: Poor IT infrastructure, frequent outages and no credible DRBC.

Solution Provided

The process began with our experts at ne Digital spending a week onsite performing a rapid assessment. We spoke to the IT Director and all business functional leaders. It quickly emerged that the IT Director had overpromised on a number of fronts but had not delivered to the business. Functions were working around IT to get their goals accomplished. There was a lack of mutual trust and no unified plan to solve real problems. The IT infrastructure was poorly managed. For instance, the ERP software had multiple versions, was more than a decade outdated, and required major upgrades. We were asked to assist the IT Director with IT Operations and accountability. One of the first things we did was to develop a list of IT priorities based on business needs. This list was socialized with the executive team and was accordingly approved. We then proceeded to execute the plan. A new CIO was hired at the end of four months and a number of initiatives were completed. Although some projects were still in progress, the trust in the IT function was restored.

Service Stack Deployed

  • IT Service Management & Operations Assessment: IT Lighthouse DETECT
  • IT Service Management & Operations: IT Project Rationalization
  • IT Service Management & Operations: ERP Remediation and Upgrade
  • Point of Sale (POS) System Upgrade,
  • Datacenter migration to the cloud
  • IT Service Management & Operations Roadmap: IT Lighthouse TRACK
  • Establishment and execution of DRBC (Disaster Recovery Business Continuity) plan
  • IT Operating Budget
  • One Time Capital Expense Project Planning
  • CIO Advisory

Benefits Delivered

  • Trust in the IT function was restored and the Executive Team once again saw IT as a driving competitive advantage. They collectively collaborated on company priorities with the IT function
  • The IT Infrastructure was upgraded and put in the cloud which enabled more efficient management by experts.
  • The ERP system was temporarily remediated to address the instabilities, crashing, and data inconsistencies. Soon thereafter, the system was upgraded to the latest version of the software and business processes were updated as required.

Success Data


Single ERP version with restored user confidence


DRBC Plan in place and ready for execution


Zero On-premise infrastructure and a successful migration to private-cloud resources.


Internal customer satisfaction with a new IT Director in place

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