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Case Study:
Hybrid Cloud for Small Business in IBM Cloud

Industry: Logistics

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Company : Turbaduana

Turbaduana is one of the leading maritime agencies and operational support enterprises for cargo vessels in North, Central and South America. With commercial operations in Florida and field operations in the largest ports of Colombia (Santa Marta, Cartagena and Turbo), Turbaduana helps the most recognized fruit import/export business brands in Europe and America navigate the legal and operational requirements for cargo transportation and delivery.

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Challenges Faced

Challenge 1: Networking Architecture

Figuring out the intricacies of the resulting network architecture was a huge challenge in order to ensure long-term system stability and scalability with vlan and sub network infrastructure on premises.

Challenge 2: Sizing of workloads

Once the networking foundations were covered, adequate sizing of the workloads was the next challenge in order to determine which workloads stayed on-premise and which workloads were more adequate to be migrated to the public cloud.

Solution Provided

We at ne Digital, an IBM Advanced Business Partner, built an elastic hybrid cloud backed on IBM Cloud Endurance SAN storage and running VMware vSphere. The solution seamlessly expanded its local data center into an IBM Cloud data center, empowering Turbaduana’s small IT team to control all workloads, clusters, hosts and virtual machines from a single vCenter with complete flexibility and high availability.

Implementation Strategy

Software Licensing

A small VMware vSphere Essentials Kit was used to create the public cloud infrastructure.


The solution made use of Bare Metal machines for ESXi hypervisors, IBM Cloud Endurance SAN storage and a Brocade vRouter Firewall solution to ensure VPN connectivity between data centers is established and maintained in secure fashion with complete granular control.


A complete set of VLANs was configured to segment traffic for management, redundant storage, public traffic and a three-tier environment for database, application servers and web servers.


The on-premise networking is comprised of Fortinet and Juniper switching and routing and an IPSEC VPN tunnel was established between a Juniper SRX and the Brocade vRouter in IBM Cloud.

Tech Stack Deployed

  • IBM Bluemix Bare Metal Servers
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Instances.
  • OS Nexus Virtual Appliance.
  • Brocade vRouter
  • VMware vSphere Essentials Plus

Success Data


Availability for their online services


Reduction in hours for publishing of new content using WCM and three staged workflows


Single Portal and Content repository with future compatibility for Commerce solution

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