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How to implement BPM infrastructure in a healthcare environment


ne Digital Hybrid Cloud Express v1 implementation

An IBM BPM infrastructure has a significant footprint in IT for a healthcare organization, we have found that, in general, customers do not have enough spare compute and storage capacity. As a result, implementations slow down. In this post, you can read our approach to get up and running fast with IBM BPM.

The golden topology for an IBM Business Process Manager implementation is indeed daunting to the "untrained." Weeks, even months pass by while either internal IT teams get trained or external consultants cut trough all the red tape involved in getting new hardware, virtual machines, storage and networking VLANs with their corresponding security rules in place.

For teams involved with this process there are four other approaches to do this:

1.) Get a PureApplication system on-site and using the mighty automation power brought by the IWD pattern engine embedded in Pure. With this appliance, you can get IBM BPM patterns and you will have a BPM infrastructure in place up-and-running in less than 2 hours. That is, after having the PureApplication appliance in place having gone trough most probably a challenging and expensive process of approval and implementation of the appliance.

2.) Implement PureApplication Software, which also offers the patterning capability if you already have the VMware compute capacity and storage in place, making sure your routing and firewalling rules adhere to the operational requirement of the PureApp Software.

3.) Buy the IBM PureApplication Service in IBM Bluemix what was SoftLayer before, and deploy the BPM patterns. Taking sizing into account of course.

4.) Buy on a per user basis the SaaS version of IBM BPM.

After deep technical and economical analysis of these options, we've opted time and time again to successfully implement production BPM environments in less than three weeks from order to execution using instances of our own Hybrid Cloud Express service which establishes an entirely capable VMware cluster backed by SAN storage running with VMware NSX virtualized networking. We even provide a Juniper SRX HA cluster to interconnect via IPSec VPN with the IBM Bluemix service.

Learn more about Hybrid Cloud Express.

If you would like a report of our analysis and have a conversation for this type of implementation, our team would be happy to do so.

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