How will my company benefit from using MSP services?

Large or small, companies look to trusted managed services providers to address a range of issues around cost, complexity,
service quality and risk. Understanding how services providers deliver value around these priorities offers a platform for building a business case for managed services versus in-house IT.

  • Cost reduction: Economies of scale and industrializing service delivery help managed services providers meet a lower cost point than most organizations can achieve in-house.
  • Capital expense reduction: Delivery models like cloud and managed services can free capital by shifting IT costs to operating expenses, where there is greater flexibility.
  • Increased efficiency: A managed services provider can deliver new value from best practices, standardization, analytics and
    automation to the extent that IT reaches a level of industrialization that results in higher efficiency and tighter IT controls.
  • Access to skills: The need to find, retain and build the skills you need to support your heterogeneous IT environment is
  • Better service levels and reduced risk: Service quality is the ultimate value that a managed services provider can offer.
What is a Managed Services Provider?


  • Improved security, business resilience and compliance management: Reducing risks related to security, business
    continuity and compliance with associated regulations are critical IT areas that can be addressed effectively by managed
  • Access to technology innovation: Managed services providers have the skills and resources to implement new technologies
    quicker, enabling clients to more readily exploit IT innovations such as cloud, analytics and mobility that can provide new business value.
  • Flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing business conditions: Services providers can scale the scope, size and range of managed services based on business needs.

What Managed Services do you offer?

Our experience is concentrated in the following areas:

Integrated managed infrastructure services

Servers, storage, devices, middleware

Managed resiliency services

Managed network services

Managed hosting services

Managed security services

Managed backup and restore services

The ITIL service lifecycle

Why should we pick ne Consulting as our MSP?

We have multiple clear differentiators that set us apart from the pack:

  1. We follow ITIL best practices and standards: IT Service Management is embedded in our modus operandi, our mindset and tooling.
  2. Our monitoring, alerting, help-desk platform and knowledge sharing environment are all seamlessly integrated and open to every customer in our portfolio, providing them with a unique, real time view of their IT infrastructure.
  3. Experience and certified knowledge: Our team has been there and done that. We have certified engineers on call for:
    • VMware vSphere
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Juniper switching, routing and security
    • IBM Cloud Orchestrator
    • IBM PureApplication System
    • IBM DB2
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server
    • IBM WebSphere Portal Server
    • IBM Business Process Manager
    • Oracle DB
    • Digium Switchvox
  4. Demonstrated technological prowess: You want someone taking care of your infrastructure that is capable of setting it up and understand its business impact. Review our IT Consulting services to understand what we are capable of.
  5. Financial stability and reliability: Our Dun & Bradstreet scores and ratings, demonstrate a solid and conservative financial administration with excellent Suppliear viability and risk ratings.

What should we look for in an MSP?

  • Deep skills and experience.
  • Proactive, technology based approach.
  • Alignment with industry best practices and ITIL standards.
  • Consistent processes, knowledge management and consolidated service visibility.
  • Support for multivendor environments and strong relationships.
  • Consistent global service delivery, with options for local resources.
  • Performance-based service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Broad portfolio of managed services aligned to your business model.
  • Technology foresight and a path to innovation.
  • Financial stability and reputation.

What tooling and infrastructure do you use?

We use what we implement. All of our MSP customers are offered:

  • IBM Tivoli Netcool/Omnibus as the alerting and consolidated monitoring of devices for servers, vms, routers, firewalls and switches.
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring to provide agents into each monitored resouce.
  • IBM ControlDesk integrated with our alert monitoring and knowledge sharing so our customers have a real-time single pane of glass insight into their IT infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer service packages that include both Infrastructure as a Service and IT Infrastructure Managed Services?

Yes, we can certainly offer both solutions. This packages are especially cost efficient given our deep knowledge of our IaaS platform and capabilities.

What type of connectivity do you need into our on-premises infrastructure?

Usually, we help our customers setup a VPN IPSec connection that would allow both our monitoring infrastructure agents to constantly observe your local infrastructure and at the same time allow our team to interact with any runbooks or maneuvers defined in our customized service protocol.

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