Bare-metal machines or Virtual machines, there’s one for every need

Our cloud compute offering is based on our partnership with IBM SoftLayer. Unlike other cloud services vendors that offer only virtual instances in our offerings we have complete control over the compute infrastructure. Every client is different and every solution we offer has to adapt to those needs. As a result we are able to include both “Bare metal” and “Virtual” instances in our architectures.

A unique benefit of our server implementations in IBM Cloud SoftLayer

We can combine for a single private customer cloud, both bare-metal machines and virtual machines, all of them with the same control and networking options.
We offer the choice of both bare-metal and virtual machines in the same private or public cloud environment

What is the difference between the “Bare metal servers” and “Virtual server” instances we offer?

Bare metal servers

A bare metal server is a physical hardware box, generally with CPU, RAM and associated storage. In this model of service our customers “own” the complete resources of the machine they are running.
Bare metal servers are the instances of choice when raw horsepower is required. Workloads that are processor-intensive and/or disk I/O intensive.
We generally  deploy bare metal servers for virtualization solutions where the customer requires complete control over their compute, storage and network infrastructure. VMware ESXi hypervisors and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisors usually thrive in these machines.

Our offering of bare metal servers usually is paired with a shared storage solution in order to provide HA (high-availability) in virtualization clusters establishing the ability to execute virtual machine live-transfers and emergency or maintenance evacuation of VMs to active hypervisors.

For an adequate implementation of a virtualization cluster a custom set of VLANs should be set and a networking gateway is recommended to route the hypervisors traffic to in-house facilities.

Virtual servers

A virtual servers is a virtual machine running in the confines of a hypervisor with guaranteed CPU, RAM and storage resources.
It takes us about 5 to 15 minutes to spin up a new virtual instance. We provide both private and public networking in ALL of our instances, all storage is SAN based so immediately you gain the performance and reliability of a well designed and maintained storage solution.

Compute and storage combinations in three different models:

Bare metal with your own stack
  • Dedicated servers deployed on demand
  • Hourly and monthly pricing
  • Near-comprehensive range
    of options
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU) servers for high performance computing
Multi-tenant virtualized
  • Virtual server instances
  • Dedicated physical nodes available
Single-tenant virtualized
  • Support for multiple virtualization platforms
  • Turnkey solution for Vmware ESXi

Flex Images server deployment system

Flex Images™ server deployment system
  • Move back and forth between dedicated servers and shared virtualized servers for greater business agility with the Flex Images server deployment system
  • Provides image capture and deployment for dedicated servers, unified across bare metal and shared cloud servers
  • Combine workloads on the same network: Use a combination of virtual servers for your front-end workloads that need to scale out while using bare metal for your back-end high input/output workloads like app or database servers

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