The core of our IaaS, unmatched Networking options

Built on the foundation of SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture, we offer an extensive catalog of network-related services to control traffic to and from your infrastructure.

Customize network capabilities with uplink upgrades, load balancing within or between data centers, and software-defined networking appliances that protect and optimize performance.

A unique benefit of our networking implementations in IBM Cloud SoftLayer

All devices provisioned in our IaaS provide triple-network connectivity with unlimited in-network traffic world-wide
The IBM Cloud - SoftLayer Global footprint

Triple-network architecture fundamental to our performance

SoftLayer integrates three distinct and redundant gigabit network architectures
—public, private, and data center-to-data center management—
into a network-within-a-network topology.
Any device at any time can have any of three types of connections:


Public network connectivity

Public network:
Connection to public Internet through Tier 1 carriers

Management network connectivity

Management network:
Out-of-plane management network connection through an unlimited VPN connection

Private network connectivity

Private network:
Virtual private network (VPN) server access through dedicated, stand-alone third carriers not connected to the public network

A complete portfolio of Networking offerings:

Load Balancing

Distribute traffic loads so that no single device gets overwhelmed. SoftLayer load balancing solutions allow configurability and flexibility to manage the traffic and resource usage of server nodes in your environment.
Local, global, and high availability options can be activated, changed, and deactivated at any time.

  • Local load balancing
  • Local & global load balancing
  • Highly available dedicated load balancers

Network Appliances

Save the hassle of provisioning multiple hardware and software solutions to serve as routers, firewalls, and load balancers. Use software-defined networking solutions to create all-in-one network appliances.
Deploy on SoftLayer bare metal servers, and with a few quick clicks, set and tweak complex network settings in an easy-to-use interface, and your infrastructure’s traffic management is updated in real time.

  • Brocade vRouter (Vyatta)
  • Citrix NetScaler

Direct Link

Simplify, secure, and speed up data transfer between your private infrastructure and your SoftLayer services. Or create a new hybrid solution that leverages the best of your in-house resources and the SoftLayer platform.
Plug into SoftLayer’s private network with a Direct Link via a Network Service Provider, Cloud Exchange Provider, or Colocation Provider and enjoy unparalleled network performance to and from your SoftLayer infrastructure.

  • Direct Link NSP
  • Direct Link Cloud Exchange

To complement your Networking resources make sure you review the other components of our cloud offering:


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