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What are the Benefits of Cybersecurity?


Protecting a company’s critical IT infrastructure requires top-notch cybersecurity. There are many benefits of cybersecurity that make it a valuable part of the entire operation. When you don’t have the right cybersecurity in place, it can open your company up to a host of problems with data breaches and hackers trying to access your property. 

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Defending against cyberattacks and cyber threats requires the right strategy and roadmap. Here are six of the most important factors regarding the benefits of cybersecurity, so that your business is prepared to fight against any potential attack. 

The Most Important Cybersecurity Benefits 

In looking at what are the advantages of cybersecurity for your company, it all boils down to how much you value all of your internal information. The answer to that should be very clear. It’s not something you want to take lightly. That IT infrastructure with the best cyber security solutions needs to be flawless to keep your company on track for success. 

Wards Off External Threats

External threats that come from hackers cost companies big money each year. In fact, in the United States alone, cyber attacks cost each company an average of 15.4 million dollars per year. That’s why having proper cybersecurity can pinpoint gaps and risks in information security. Closing them off to potential hackers who are phishing is going to be the first step in securing this type of insurance for your company. 

Cybercriminals using malware or ransomware can be lurking anywhere all around the world. In 2020 alone, the FBI reported that they received around 4000 complaints that were related to data security breaches each day. They also reported that since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber crimes and cybersecurity threats have increased about 300 percent, costing companies around 1 trillion dollars. The right cybersecurity roadmap 2022 IT structure in place will prevent criminals from taking advantage of you. They may include not only cybercriminals, but “hacktivists” or industrial spies, who may not be motivated by money and could have goals for a political agenda or social gain. Either way, you don’t want any of these hackers to have access to your company’s data. That data protection of sensitive information is so important with network security you can rely on.

Eliminates Internal Threats

This may seem like it shouldn’t happen at your company, but even the best employees, in small businesses or large, can still open up a company to cyber attacks. Whether it’s by accident or with intent, network access, and managed surveillance can cut down on incidents and vulnerabilities before they happen. Plus, with more and more companies using remote workers, keeping data safe is now more important than ever. Many people are using personal devices for work and everything isn’t safely in-house anymore, where it can be more closely monitored. That’s why special consideration needs to be taken to protect all assets regarding data and the cloud with the best in cybersecurity. 

Follows All Regulations 

The right IT security roadmap will allow your brand to operate at peak levels of productivity without having to shut down to deal with a breach in computer systems. That means your company follows all regulations that help to protect organizations from problems. Some regulatory standards are common, like HIPPA, SOC, and PCI, in many industries for business operations, but for others, it’s still a way to do the right thing by not exposing sensitive data, especially if your company has this type of information from customers or clients. 

Enhances Productivity

With the right cybersecurity strategy roadmap in place of the cloud computing systems and on-premise hardware, it will enhance your company’s productivity. When you have to shut down and redo internal security, it just takes time away from your company’s goals. So, having enterprise-grade and supportive firewalls, virus scanning, cloud security, and backups that are automatically regenerating on the right schedule will keep threats away, and your employees on task working each day. 

Increases Brand's Reputation

Clients won’t trust you if you are constantly open to security threats. It’s bad for business. That is why having the right cybersecurity will increase your brand’s reputation. You’ll be able to retain customer trust and loyalty. Having strong cybersecurity is one way to do that. It can also allow people to recommend your services as a brand they can trust. Companies rely on recommendations to build a strong clientele. 

Provides Valuable Money Savings

Data breaches and the recovery of that data cost a company a lot of money each time it happens. It’s better to have an IT roadmap for cybersecurity that is effective, safe, and will save money in the long run. You won’t have to pay fines each time your company gets breached because those instances will be eliminated with a strong cybersecurity plan in place. 

How to Start With a Cybersecurity Assessment

The first step in creating a cybersecurity plan is with an assessment from our expert team at ne Digital. This cybersecurity assessment will include the CS Lighthouse DETECT service as the first part of the end-to-end path of cybersecurity optimization. Then we go on to outline mid to long-term service with CS Lighthouse TRACK, and finally the surveillance with CS Lighthouse MANAGE. Each of these systems will work seamlessly together to make sure that your company has the best cybersecurity infrastructure in place. The importance of cybersecurity can’t be overstated in risk management. Your company needs to be proactive in these matters to prevent ransomware attacks.

Talk to our experts in Cybersecurity Managed Services

Protect Your IT Systems Today 

If you would like to schedule an assessment with our team at ne Digital, give us a call or send us a message today. At ne Digital, our whole goal is to make sure that all of your most important data stays secure so that you can get on to all the pressing matters of running your company. After this assessment of cybersecurity risks, you’ll be in a better position to understand the IT security that you’ll need across all aspects of your company. The sooner you have the right cybersecurity team at your disposal, the better off your business will be. Let us make sure that your cybersecurity plan is handled by cybersecurity professionals you have confidence in.

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