What is Database Management?

Database Management is our Managed Service for remote access, monitoring, tuning, optimization and troubleshooting of customer databases.

How will my company benefit from using Database Management services?

  • Increased availability of databases and applications with around the clock.
  • Performance and productivity are augmented after tuning and optimization.
  • Reduced time from internal staff dedicated to database related maintenance.
  • Increase availability of internal IT resources.
IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL

What Database Management Services do you offer?

Our experience is concentrated in the following areas:

Remote Managed DBA Service

Servers, storage, devices, middleware


Software and Licensing


Health check and performance tuning

Migration and upgrade

Managed backup and restore services

Consolidation and virtualization

What should we look for in a Database Management Service?

  • Deep skills and experience.
  • Proactive, technology based approach.
  • Alignment with industry best practices database vendor standards.
  • Consistent processes, knowledge management and consolidated database service visibility.
  • Support for multiple database management systems.
  • Certified associates and administrators.

What tooling and infrastructure do you use?

We work with the following Database Management Servers:

  • IBM DB2 LUW.
  • Oracle.
  • Microsoft SQL Server.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer database hosting services?

Yes, we can offer a tailored Infrastructure as a Service package that would implement Development, Testing and Production environments in bare-metal servers or virtualized instances with permanent connectivity to customer premises.

What type of connectivity do you need into our on-premises infrastructure?

Usually, we help our customers setup a VPN IPSec connection that would allow both our monitoring infrastructure agents to constantly observe your local infrastructure and at the same time allow our team to interact with any runbooks or maneuvers defined in our customized service protocol.

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