Key Components:

ESXi Hypervisors

Offering the latest VMware vSphere ESXi hypervisors we can customize each hypervisor CPU, RAM and bare metal Networking options.

VMware vCenter

Our HCE instances are pre-configured with a fully functional vCenter appliance sized in accordance with the workloads. The vCenter is ready to be used since Day 1.

Network Virtualization: VMware NSX

While some other Cloud implementations could offer Software Defined Networking (SDN), we offer true Network Virtualization using the latest version of VMware NSX.

Multiple Storage Options

Our base instances offer the versatile option of IBM Bluemix Endurance Storage at 2 IOPS for GB. Performace and archival options are also available.

As an add-on VMware vSAN is also an option.

Hybrid Cloud Express™ Resources:

Learn more about how to create a Hybrid Cloud for your businesss

Download Guide: HCE Sizing and Pricing

Sizing & Pricing 

Find the Hybrid Cloud that fits your SMB needs, exactly. 

Download Guide: HCE Topology

Architecture Details

Do you want to get more technical? Find out about the hardware and networking topologies we offer in our base configurations.

Download Guide: HCE MSP Offering

Managed Services

You don't need to run your cloud alone. Understand what we can do for you and with you.

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