Outstanding cloud designs deserve the best IaaS cloud platform

When people talk about cloud, they are not really thinking what is behind those words, or really, if it is in fact a “Cloud”.
Our IaaS platform is very much real, with over 30 datacenters, scattered over the world in al 5 continents, with the highest bandwith available among them and non-metered traffic for your workloads inside our network.
We provide the highest performing cloud infrastructure with the allowance of bare metal servers and virtual machines in your own private cloud.

Global Network

Pod Design

Rack Architecture

Infrastructure as a Service Products and Services

Cloud design, implementation and management

Our professional services to get your workloads into new possibilities


Firewalls, Software, SSL, Compliance


Bare metal and Virtual machine to solve any request

VMware Hybrid Cloud

Extend your private cloud to hybrid, seamlessly


Block storage, File storage, Object storage, Backup and CDN

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hybrid Cloud

Extend your private cloud to hybrid, seamlessly


Load balancers, Virtual routers, Firewalls, VPNs

The IBM Cloud – SoftLayer Advantage

Matching the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure and capabilities with our design and implementation, cloud delivery, could not get any better.
Compared head to head to any other IaaS provider, SoftLayer performance, flexibility and reliability is unmatched.

The IBM Cloud SoftLayer Platform

The IBM Cloud – SoftLayer Platform

The complete stack of option is present in our IaaS offering, no cloud lock-ins, no specific operating systems, both bare-metal and virtual machines. Our cloud is an open standards cloud.

The journey to Hybrid Cloud:

Public Cloud

1 Public Cloud

This is generally the first step companies take. They initially establish some type of workload in a public cloud provider, for example to host their website, implement an ordering system, or satisfy some externally connected requirement. Those hosting providers evolved from isolated machines, into VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) to then arrive at the virtualization concept we know today.

Private Cloud

2 Private Cloud

After having an online presence and understanding workloads can be run efficiently by a third party with virtualization, organizations start virtualizing themselves and consolidating their workloads in hypervisor platforms like VMware vSphere/ESXi or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and some organizations establish a methodical and self-served method of consumption and automation to consume those resources.

Hybrid Cloud

3 Hybrid Cloud

Once companies have a foothold both in public and private clouds, questions like these ones start to trickle in:
Can we interconnect them safely? Where is the optimal location for this or that workload?. This way, Hybrid Cloud is born.

Take a virtual tour to one of our Datacenters:

You will get a glance of what is all about…

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)